About Me

My name is Jack Herron and I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, with over 30 years of counseling experience. I live and run a practice in Brantford, Ontario.

I have created this website to provide information with regards to hypnosis, so you can make an intelligent, informed decision when it comes to whether hypnosis is the right choice for you.

Also, In special circumstances, I can visit you at your home or medical facility.

He is certified by the following bodies with international recognition.

  • University of Toronto (Ontario Institute of Education)
    M.Ed., Master of Education in Adult Education
  • National Guild of Hypnotists (Membership No. 48989)
    Consulting Hypnotist C.H.
  • American Alliance of Hypnotists (Membership No. 1139)
    Basic Ericksonian Hypnotists B.E.H.
  • American Union of NLP (Certificate No. 3565)
    Master NLP Practitioner M.N.L.P.P.


  • Spencer Institute ( A division on NESTA)
    Certified Sports Hypnotist S.H.
  • American Alliance of Hypnotists (Certificate No. 1003)
    Certified Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnotist C.A.P.L.R.
  • American Union of NLP (Certificate No. 5374)
    Certified Life Coach C.L.C.